Much more than a mere language school

Our Values

Activities undertaken by Éducation permanente and its staff are sustained by strong values

  • respect and benevolence
  • commitment to learners
  • quality of services and consistency with learners’ needs
  • professionalism lying on both our expertise and skills

As a school under the authority of the Conseil des écoles catholiques du Centre-Est (CECCE – French catholic school board), Éducation permanente ensures to promote values linked to its denominational orientation, and to its belonging to the francophonie. Our catholic heritage is marked by a deep culture of human and community service, as well as the benevolence we do show each and every day. These values are completed by our professional commitment and our rigor.

Our contribution in the francophonie encompasses the defense of our language, of our culture, and of our francophone inheritance at large. Beyond, it also includes our involvement toward francophones’ and francophiles’ socio-professional integration.

Our vision

Learning languages is a door open to the world, to other cultures, other perspectives, and other customs. It is a door to Otherness in its differences and similarities.
This is why, Éducation permanente is much more than a mere language school. We do think that mastering several languages is decisive for successful socio-professional integration in a multicultural society. It is also key for open-mindedness which is essential to mutual understanding and respect.
Thus, we offer general training in second languages through hybrid courses with a wide variety of options and open to a large public. Our courses are based on a personalized and differentiated support that allows us to adjust our teaching to the needs and abilities of our learners.

“Our goal is to provide our learners with a practical support in their progression toward fulfillment, success, full integration and openness to the world.”

Besides, if Éducation permanente promotes cultural and linguistic diversity, we are also an ambassador of the francophonie.

Our philosophy

Any educational activity involves a relation between teachers and learners based on a strong ethics set on values. Éducation permanente differentiates itself by a teaching philosophy built on listening articulated to reflection and empathy.

Éducation permanente is much more than a mere language school: it is a global experience.

It encompasses learning (language and culture), relations (inter-individual and networks), opportunities (social and professional), leading to a better integration for immigrants.