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Co-operative Education Internship 

What is COOP education ?

Cooperative education allows you to apply your knowledge learned in the classroom through paid work internships.

Thus, you will not only get your credit indicating your participation in the COOP program, but also professional experience in your field of study.

Structure of the cooperative education program (COOP)

Preplacement :

25 hours (in the classroom during the school year and online via Google Classroom during the summer).

Internship in the workplace:

For 1 credit: 85 hours
For 2 credits: 195 hours

Please note that timesheets signed by the internship supervisor are required.

Assessment by the employer (PLP: personalized learning plan).

Final project: Represents the exam, so 30% of the final grade.

Registration conditions

An adult who works or attends a post-secondary institution must obtain authorization from their night school guidance counselor in order to verify their course selection and/or the completion of the required prerequisite courses.

High school students must obtain permission from their guidance counselor to submit this form.

The night school administration reserves the right to force a withdrawal from a program if his or her attendance is not satisfactory. All COOP programs must be completed by July 30th.

The fee is $30 and is non-refundable. No checks are accepted.


For high school students, please contact your guidance counselor, he or she will complete your registration for you. 

For adult students who are not enrolled in a high school, please send your request to our guidance counselor team by email at the following address: orientationep@ecolecatholique.ca